Try Sundanese Food

After wake up, i prepare to go to "Gonzaga" College to acompany my boss Mr Ari. In that place, i also meet Ms. Polycarpus, the wife of Mr. Polycarpus and Ms. Bambang until 1 pm. At College there are talkshow presented by "Rhenald Khasali". Not imagine Rhenald is friend of Mr Adrianus he's in relationship since school at Canisius College.

Then we lunch at "Dapur Sunda" restaurant at Cipete. In that place i try "Karedok", Karedok is food that makes from fresh vegetable with coconut. Also i eat "empal".
In that place, they serve traditional food of "Sundanese", and i am "Javanese". The traditional food is delicious enough. I like it.
If you want to try eat you can try the restaurant. The location is :

Dapur Sunda Restaurant
Jl. Cipete Raya
South Jakarta

If you want to try sundanese traditional food, this place are recomended place for you.


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