Rent Internet near Binus University

Tonight i rent internet near Binus University the location is in front of campus. When i start the omputer i get a little bore because the keyboard is not comfortable so it  when i type the blog the "spaces" key is bad is the spaces in this blog maybe not same with others.

The computer is also slow, althought the computer's have  96 of RAM and have a Windows 98 on it's operating system. But it still slow, maybe the computer is full with bulk and never clean with the administrator.

When i start from the desktop i can't see the "Firefox" shortcut 😦 then i ask to administrator, he said in this Internet rental all computer use. Ohh no…  First i decide to download from the sites but it's not a good idea. So i searching all network sharing folder. Daadaa… i found Firefox installer. So then i install it to my computer without ask to administrator 😀

I dont know what i want searching for, even in my office have unlimited access. I try to open budi raharjo blogs and i get more information from his site's and blog's. He give me more spirit about IT world and his experience.  You're great people…


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