My Company Product Screenshot Goes to TV

When i woke up in the i got SMS from Citizen Department of Jakarta. The Department want to published the services at end point. This place call Kelurahan or SubDistrict. Place will be used for sample is "Tanjung Duren Selatan" sub district or Kelurahan.
Tanjung Duren is a small part of West Jakarta City.
After that i take a bath and prepare all tools that i brought and the ready for go. Before go to Kelurahan, I accompany my friends to buy "Gado-gado" (traditional food from indonesia). Afer that i go to Kelurahan.
When i just came into Kelurahan, the crews was from "Trans TV". Trans TV is one of Regional Television Station. The rating is better than other tv station's in my country. Back to main topic, the crew is preparing for taking video.
Firstly i dont know what the program is for, but it seem this program is documented the procedure of making citizen identify card or in my country called "KTP" and Family Card. When i came i meet with Mr. Tasfiar, he is public relation for Citizen Department with crews. After that i enter the computer room and i ordered the official person to restart the computer before do the demo to TV crews. After computer restart the the official and I prepare the application, after that we start connect to server. After connected the show is start. The show is the people want to make or renew their KTP. The first show the official examine all required document from citizen. After all complete the next process is taking the finger print. The finger print taking process is smooth but when the first printing we got a small trouble 😦 the KTP wont print out from printer, coz that i decided to restart the application. Then printing process is running well as smooth as finger print taking process 🙂
After the main process have done i start talking with one of TV crews, she's a reporter. Oh my good girls as a reporter is great. I start to talk with him. His name is 'Lestari'. She's pretty too.
This program will serv in "Reportase". Reportase is one of TV News program at 5 pm everyday. I ask to the reporter that i'll be contacted by him when the program schedule is out. Tq
I hope with this program other province looking for this system and we'll working @ there and doing the best.
Screen Taking Process
Shoot 2
Lurah, Mr Tasfiar and Mr. XXX
Sweety Reporter 😀
All Crews
Cameraman, Head Section District, Official, Reporter


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