Installing On West Server

Today i’ve installing and configuring all setting at west server where the location at Jl. Kembangan that is near Makro Department Store. I’ve arrive at 1:30 pm and finished at 5:30 pm i’ve been there for 4 hours because i completed configuring all setting.
The trouble is because the RAID configuration is in trouble so the System can detect the logical drive. When i’m check the RAID bios configuration the logical drive say its “FAILED”. Damn it, what must i do then?  after know what the trouble is, i finally decide to reconfiguration the disc, i starting to create 3  disc with RAID 1(1+0) configuration for the system and RAID 5 configuration for 2 disc other. 1 disc is can’t accessible because the lamp indicator in red signs, it’s mean the disc is unrecoverable. But i’ve been say to that people that the disc must be change to the central department for hardware replacement.
After a complete instalation, now i’m configuring the server. Firstly i’m install a DHCP server and configuring i. I’m create a scope for DHCP client at west area client. After that i start to configuring the suplemental software.
After alln instalation finished, now i’m configuring the template, modifying template is hard enough. You must doing a test print and then matching it with existing blank form to fix in position. I’ve doing this is about 1 hour and more.
FINALLY, i was found the way howto fix this, you know? i’m take the template from the east area that being used. Firstly i only want to try are the template is same with west area. But finally its done.

Good Job  …  😀


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