Padi vs Peterpan and PHP

This night i’m listening my Padi’s and Peterpan’s collection, all the song is great. Padi is band that i like from junior high school, i’m really2 like him, and Peterpan? Wow this band now is booming, The song is played everyday at Television and radio. The music that suggested by Peterpan is different between other band. Now i’m still listening the song. Every song that my music player is nice. Beside that now i’m feel sleepy coz just now i’m ride the motorcycle from citizen department. Tommorow will be a free day because tommorow is national holiday. What i will doing tommorow?
Mmmm, maybe i want to studying about PHP. Hey man! don’t only talk it. Keep studying man, i’m sure that your science will be used for tommorow and for the future.
So what step will you do for that?


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