Uff, last night is a very2 tired day, i went to pamulang for talking about business. Oh my god, this is my first to discuss about a business, dont boy, it’s discuss about a big project. and i’m never think that i’m participate on this project. The meeting is start about 4pm, the target for this meeting is finishing the pra proposal for our investor.
It’s my first time to create a pra proposal, before i’m never create a pra proposal. However, it’s challenge for me. I must can do all thing in the office job. It’s nice.
When we have been discussing we plan about the technologhy that will be used on this project. We design the network scheme, database, and other general technologhy.
Finally at the midnight we finished create the cash flow project, and finish when the BEP is comeback. In conclusion the BEP will go in aproximate 18 Month. It’s a fast time for investor if the BEP is back less than 2 years.


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